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Eat Wheat Meat!

What is Seitan?

Seitan is a plant based protein.

It is made with vital wheat flour and water. Mixing together the flour and water to form a dough, cutting and then boiling. We package our seitan in a solution of water, salt and soy. 

So basically, seitan is "wheat meat".

It provides enough protein to maintain a healthy life style, one that is also sustaniable for the planet.  

Seitan can be sauteed, fried, roasted, grilled, smoked or braised. It is very versitile and can be made to suit anyones taste buds.

Seitan dates back to the 6th century Japenese and Chinese cultures where it was eaten as an alternative to meat. The ancient practice of making and consuming seitan is something more people should know about. 

That's where we come in. You can find our seitan at many different establishments in Burlington and you can find it at our *POP-UP* events!


Purchase Our Seitan

The New Deal seitan is a speciality food product handmade by us.

10, 20, and 30 pound buckets available for sale. 

Made fresh each week! 30 day shelf life. 

Orders in by Monday, Wednesday delivery. 

To purchase single servings of seitan please visit City Market in Downtown Burlington (in the herb section) and in the South End (near the lettuce).

We also sell directly to local restaurants like the Daily Planet, Zero Gravity Brewery, Deep City, and Butter. If you are restaurant please ask us for a sample!

Afraid of Seitan you say? Come try it at one of our *POP-UP* events, and it will become one of your best friends!

It's simple, Eat Wheat Meat.

If you'd like information about offering our product at your location, please get in touch.

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Bulk Seitan dated and ready to be delivered.

Our logo created by Jeffs brother, Jamie Hodgdon!

Sweet and Sticky Seitan, with garlic, ginger and chilies served with rice. We serve this at our *POP-UP* events!

Crispy Seitan Sandwich with roasted red pepper spread, cured raddish and carrot and arugula. Find this sandwich at Butter Bar and Kitchen in the New North End in Burlington!

Bulk style seitan sold at City Market Downtown and City Market South End!